CEO Social Media Strategy

Hello to you if you are a CEO looking at your social media strategy

Ask your business coach when is a great time to review your social media strategy and they’ll tell you the summer… perfect time… you can have a practise and get a few things wrong and it’ll not matter so much as who’s watching… most folk will be at the beach!

So if you are a CEO looking at your social media strategy, hopefully you will have found this blog post on my blog since I have pushed out big time on the key phrase “CEO social media strategy” repeated now about 4 times… they tell us Google is more intelligent these days but don’t you believe it… make it simple for those spiders and they’ll lap it up!


Chances are being a CEO of a decent size company you’ll not need to worry your head about SEO, your PR and marketing people will have that nailed by getting stories published in Forbes… mind you, you should be thinking about adding blog / posts to LinkedIn… lots of people hang out there as it gives you the ability to find the bones of a profile on someone you might want to talk to and if it is a popular place to go then it’s worth you making some noise. LinkedIn’s people will pick up on your articles giving them the ability to shine more brightly, what with you being a CEO and all… they want big guns like you filling their pages with your brilliance because it will bring more wannabe CEOs to their platform for which they will earn a recruitment fee… everyone wins.

You might use it as an alternative to having a blog… then again you might do both… your own blog is yours to do with as you please… LinkedIn will keep changing the rules to suit them and obviously you like being in control!


LinkedIn has a business vibe about it BUT should you engage with Twitter? Of course you should… where LinkedIn is general networking, Twitter is face to face chat with a public megaphone turbo attachment… celebrate your teams achievements and highlight those people who are doing things you like both industry wide and within your organisation. CEOs should be well balanced individuals right, prove that you are by saying something nice about your competition!!!! Sounds bonkers but hey, the public know both of you exists and they will recognise things you do well and stuff the competition does well… celebrate it all because you can’t pretend you’re better at X, folk know you’re not so if you say you are then people will simply think you are full of it and not listen to other things you’ll have to say which could be jolly interesting!

Think of how the current Labour Party elite are knocking Jeremy Corbyn when in fact, the people believe he offers a real alternative to the other “Tory Light” Labour candidates… don’t be anything light, be authentic and the masses will follow you and believe in what you have to offer.


Facebook tends to be more personal as we hook up with young members of our family and so a level of privacy is acknowledged and you don’t invite everyone and anyone to connect on Facebook.

Probably the best way to use Facebook is to help ignite passions around local topics. Town folk gather on Facebook in probably 20 different groups which take their own angle on a topic… get passionate about something locally. This could be great for your localised CSR programmes… your factory in Manchester or Mumbai?


You up for some Youtube banter? Got a face that will launch a 1,000 ships? Have some fun within the privacy of your own mobile but do work it… a good 45 second video could make the news and hugely warm you to the public, increasing your share value 2 or 3 points into the bargain… get practising… it’s only a matter of time before this starts being part of your day.

That’ll do for now… don’t want you blowing fuses with all the social media platforms that are opening up but do start to explore those mentioned above…

If you need a hand thinking this through then send me a note about what concerns you with regards to social media engagement?

Also, if you are a CEO then tell me how you got started with social media, I’m doing some research into this as we speak and I’d be interested in your take…

Talk soon…

Thank you.

Jon Davey
“Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!”
07717 820823

P.S. What’s your SMD Index?

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