Do you want Harry Styles getting sentimental about your brand?

Harry Styles has the world at his feet in more ways than one… rocking out; young and not so young ladies love him… speaking out; global CEOs are shaking in their boots!

Sea World has seen a 10% drop in share price since he told fans at a concert in July, “Love dolphins? Don’t go to Sea World”

Not only that, it appears their $100,000,000 breeding plan has been scuppered with California ruling against them.

As for attendance figures… through the floor…

Harry Styles’ words count… but it was almost two days later when Sea World responded with an open letter…

You need to respond faster than that… it should be more like a conversation so you can bring those Harry fans responding to his sentiment back on track, minimising the celebrity effect.

One logical way of responding faster is to know sooner WHEN the proverbial hits the whatsit!

What time did Sea World’s senior people know this had happened? How many hours later? Do you think they were tuned into the One Direction gig in San Diego? Were their marketing people “at the office”? Don’t think so!

The first they knew was likely to be 9am the following day when they got into HQ… by that time the story has hit the news, hundreds of journalists, thousands of comments, millions of fans…

Had Sea World had SENTRA’s love then nobody would have be able to “Drag Me Down”… they would have known in seconds that a celebrity tornado had hit them and senior management could have been alerted.

Major corporations have deployed SENTRA for the last 25 years to look after their brands reputation by listening out or forward planning situations… with the advent of social media it is only logical that they tap into social media streams and listen out on your behalf, notifying you from their 24/7 365 monitoring station enabling you to get to work rapidly to stem any emergency situation in real time, minimising fall out and damage to the brand / stock values

10% drop in share value on a company with a turnover of more than $1,500,000,000

What would you be willing to pay to have your arse covered on that one?

I’m interested in talking to CEOs, FDs, Marketing & Sales Directors who recognise they need help with this and are looking for best of breed, not just invented last week. Aberdeen Angus hung for 21 days, not baby calves craving their mothers milk… if we’re on the same page complete the form below and I’ll get right back to you.

(This isn’t tapped into the master system so don’t expect and instant response… just me making waves my way to generate leads… UK office hours! Thank you.)

Thank you.

07717 820823

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